About me

I studied makeup artistry in 2006 and began my professional free-lance career since then. I went to school to study make-up artistry on a whim and found out it was a love that continued to flourish. I found that free-lancing was the most creative form of make-up work as I have had the opportunity to build on what was requested and provide my expert advice. 

I have worked in the film industry, prepared models for fashion shows, created zombie makeup for Hallowe'en for events, consulted and carried out bridal applications, and worked on celebrities. I enjoy all of the creative demands that have come with being a professional makeup artist. 

I use high-end professional products that range from: Anastasia, Ben Nye, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Make-up Forever, M.A.C., NARS, Skin Illustrator, Urban Decay etc.  

I style hair with all my make-up applications and will suit the hair style with the makeup application at your behest.    

I provide consultations for brides at a different rate than other applications as there is different need. Please inquire for all rates for consultations, and make-up applications using the contact page.